Supply Chain with Impact

Why startups should take a closer look at the risks and impact potential of their supply chain!

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Mi., 24.04.2024
14.00 - 18.00
Startup House, Stella-Klein-Löw-Weg 8, 1020 Wien


Supply chain: regulatory requirements

Why should you know about the risks and impact potential of your supply chain? Learn about the supply chain act and how companies go about their supply chain management.


Risk analysis of your supply chain

What are your supply chain's own CO2 emissions? What other socio-ecological risk fields can you identify?


Impact potential of your supply chain

How do impact startups and social businesses govern their impact along the supply chain and which criteria do they use? What can you apply in your case?


Case studies on sustainable supply chain strategies and business models

What strategies are there for social and ecological sustainable supply chains? What are the respective advantages & disadvantages?


Next steps for your supply chain

Which strategy for maximizing the impact of the supply chain can be applied in your case?


Vienna, Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship Expert
Stefanie Bessler
Vienna, Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurs
Stefanie Beßler is a facilitator for social innovation processes and supports early-stage founders at the Social Impact Award.
Vienna, Sustainability & Innovation Expert
Julia Weber
Vienna, Sustainability & Innovation Expert
Julia Weber is an expert in sustainability and innovation. She supports companies, start-ups and SMEs in sustainable innovation processes.


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